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Safety and Security at the University


Safety and security are important topics, not only for researchers, but also for policy makers at the university itself. For that reason, a Working Group on Integral Safety and Security conducted a risk assessment in terms of safety and security risks. The risk assessment comprises of several domains, such as physical safety, external safety, risks to the environment, risks to the health of employees, ICT risks, and risks related to confidential information and integrity of staff and students.

The Centre for Risk management, Safety and Security has contributed to the risk assessment and has provided advise to the Working Group Integrated Safety and Security at the UT. Based on the risk assessment and workshops with staff members, the University 

  • Research Period: January 2013 – July 2015
  • Funding: Internal
  • Budget: None
  • Execution: Dept. For Safety, Health and Environment; Working Group Integral Safety and Security; Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security.
  • Output: Risk Assessment; workshops; reporting; decision-making