The University of Twente focuses on societal issues such as health, sustainability, water and technologies like ICT, biomedical and nanotechnology. The research of these issues is accommodated within the UT’s Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS), the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT), MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine. These four research institutes address various aspects of risk management, safety and security, including the exploration of perceptions thereof in society and how these can be anticipated by government. One of the main aims of this research is that it can contribute to international security, stability and reconstruction in conflict areas. See here for an overview of our expertise.

Knowledge is not just a product of the research at our university but is also created by participation in networks with partners outside the university, such as:

The Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security draws on a wide range of expertise and disciplines. In doing so, it puts the University of Twente’s motto, ‘High Tech, Human Touch’ into practice.