The University of Twente offers various subjects and courses in the area of risk, safety and security management, including Master of Science and Professional Learning and Development programmes.

The Department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety concentrates on three themes from a (social) psychological perspective: risk perception and communication, conflict and crisis management and the antecedents of risky, antisocial and criminal behaviour. These three themes are combined in the specialization within the Master of Science programme Psychology: Conflict, Risk and Safety (CRS).

The university’s Professional Learning & Development offers executive education programmes that are based on knowledge issues within organizations and draws on the university’s expertise in safety, security and risk management. The academic Master of Risk Management (MRM) is the two-year accredited part-time MSc programme for (risk) managers and specialists in the public, profit and non-profit sector seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in risk management. The aim of the MRM is for participants to acquire in-depth and integral knowledge and skills which are in keeping with a broadly oriented, strategic professional or executive in risk management. A further challenge of the programme is to introduce participants to new sectors of knowledge, for them to be inspired by their contact with experts and to share their experiences with other organizations.

The Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) offers courses in the area of disaster management, in collaboration with the United Nations University (UNU). Follow this link for an overview of the many courses.

Besides the opportunities offered by the University of Twente itself, we also work together with national governments, educational institutions, companies and employers’ and branch organizations to develop and offer tailor-made programmes and training courses.

For this purpose, the university also offers outstanding facilities for simulation and training. In cooperation with other providers, the Virtual Reality Laboratory enables managers to deal with complex situations arising, for example, from flood risks or major events.

The Centre of Expertise collaborates in education with other knowledge partners, such as Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the areas of Forensic Research, Integrated Safety Sciences and Security Management. The Centre also offers a minor in cooperation with the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA).