Centres of Expertise

At the Centres of Expertise, scientists of the University of Twente work on breakthrough solutions in the field of technology and/or in relation to society together with companies.

ThermoPlastic Composite Research Center

ThermoPlastic Composite Research Center (TPRC) is a collaboration project between industrial parties and knowledge institutions that was initially set up by the University of Twente, Boeing, TenCate and Fokker. The semi-open innovation centre carries out research into thermoplastic composites and technologies for increasing the speed and efficiency of production processes. The lightweight materials are used in aviation and automotive industries as well as other industries. For more information, see www.tprc.nl


During recent years, research institute MESA+ has acquired a worldwide reputation in the field of nanotechnology. This is thanks to the MESA+ NanoLab with its top-quality facilities and more than 500 researchers from all of the world. MESA+ focuses on five so-called strategic research directions: Applied NanoPhonotics, NanoMaterials for Energy, Enabling Technologies, Nanotechnology for Innovative Medicine en Risk Analysis and Technology Assessment. Contact information: Gerard Roelofs (head Nano lab), g.p.m.roelofs@utwente.nl / +31 53 489 6773.

Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine

The Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM) is a centre for medical innovation, facilitating research and education in the field of technology and medicine. The facilities are highly suitable for carrying out research on human subjects and for testing new medical technology. With the help of internships of students in Technical Medicine, the ECTM has a strong network of medical professionals, biomedical researchers and a broad range of (SME) companies. For more information, see the website of the ECTM or contact the secretariat via ECTMsecretariatTNW@utwente.nl or +31 53 489 4757.

LEO Center for Service Robotics 

The LEO-Center for Service Robotics develops robot technology for the health care sector. This concerns computer-operated aids that can be used during operations, rehabilitation and other forms of provision of care. For instance, work is taking place on robots that are expected to save human lives during disaster situations in the Alps. Work is done in close collaboration with commercial parties.

Virtual Reality Lab 

The Virtual Reality Lab is equipped with the newest technology for visualization and interaction. This is used to support decision-making in multidisciplinary design phases. The VR Lab is where you experience and assess future situations and products. The emphasis here is on visualizing the consequences of choices. Attention is also paid to insight into mutual relationships and dependencies between various disciplines.

The VR Lab is put to intensive use in T-Xchange, the knowledge centre of the University of Twente and Thales. The lab is used for research into gaming systems and serious gaming and their use in solving society's problems.

For more information, see the website of the VR Lab. Contacts are Roy Damgrave en Eric Lutters.


At DesignLab, students and researchers across all UT faculties team up with, governmental organisations, companies and citizens, to work on innovative solutions to societal challenges. DesignLab’s focus areas are Responsible Design, Citizen Science and working in a transdisciplinary manner. DesignLab strengthens the connection between society, science, technology and design with the so-called Responsible Futuring approach. Recently, they collaborated with Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, the province of Overijssel and the regional Space053. On an international level DesignLab coordinates the realisation of Citizen Science Hubs, together with European educational institutions and organisations.

The physical space of DesignLab, driven by students, is your go-to place for short-term research programmes and Design thinking workshops. Additionally, you can work on study projects, create prototypes and attend inspiring events.

 For more information, please visit the website of DesignLab or contact Miriam Iliohan:

European Membrane Institute 

The European Membrane Institute in Twente (EMI Twente) in Twente conducts research on behalf of industrial clients spread around the world. The EMI Twente was founded in 1995 and has since completed some 460 projects for more than 180 companies in over 20 countries. Our team comprises highly experienced membrane technology experts in all relevant disciplines within the membrane field who between them can claim over one hundred years of research experience. Contact information: Tijmen Visser, t.visser@utwente.nl  or +31 53 489 5387

European Membrane Institute in Twente (EMI Twente)