Detecting corona with sensors

Many spin-off companies of the UT research sensors that detect corona 

Photonic corona sensor

LioniX develops a corona test based on photonic chips. Earlier, this UT spin-ff developed a sensor that detects cancer from saliva- and urine samples.

A quick test for the coronavirus

Micronit works on a quick test for the coronavirus. They develop chips for liquid analysis. They acquired the knowledge by producing chips for DNA analysis.

New Medicin spray

The company Medspray works on a new medicine spray. this spray maximizes the effect of medicines when brought into the lungs. The spray can be used for every soluble medicine.

Antibodies in blood cells

VyCAP makes equipment that detects white blood cells. The white blood cells that make antibodies against Corona can be used to grow more cells that are able to make specific antibodies. Those antibodies can then be used to treat patients. 


Pepijn Beekman and Dilu Mathew, founders of the UT start-up company ECsens, just received a grant to develop a fast (corona)virus detection system. "Our goal is to have a small device that can be easily used anywhere. You put a sample in and within minutes you know if you have coronavirus." Read more about their sensor, The QoroNano system, in the article published in UToday.

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