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Erik Horstman
Civil Engineering UT

Erik Horstman finalist UT Teacher of the Year 2024 Study: Civil Engineering

One of the highlights of the week of education, is the election of the UT Teacher of the Year. The purpose of this election is to highlight inspiring and good teaching in higher education. On Wednesday June 12th the finalists will give an inspiring and enthusiastic lecture on the Agora stage in the Vrijhof. Rector magnificus Tom Veldkamp will present the award to the winner. The winner will participate in the national teacher of the year event.

Erik Horstman (ET), teacher Civil Engineering is one of the finalists. Together with Alexander Brinkman (TNW) teacher Applied Physics and Josien van Straalen-Pas (BMS) teacher Psychology.

The study Civil Engineering

Is raising the dykes the only way to reduce flood risk, or are there smarter, cheaper solutions? How do you install a resilient electricity grid in a hurricane zone? Which factors do you have to keep in mind to ensure that new roads or structures will endure the effects of climate change? How do you secure and balance the many interests of the government, residents, companies, or the environment in such large projects? If these questions fascinate you, the three-year, English-taught Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering is the right choice for you. 

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