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Aalberts new pole position partner of Electric Superbike Twente

Electric Superbike Twente is excited to announce the new partnership with Aalberts Industries. Alongside financial backing, they are also offering the team access to their knowledge and technologies. Aalberts engineers mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life.

The team collaborates with Aalberts on important area’s such as the cooling system. Efficiency and limited space are big challenges for the team. The new, extremely compact concept for the cooling system designed by Aalberts will ensure that no overheating issues will occur until the batteries are exhausted. Electric Superbike Twente’s team manager, Julian Hamar de la Brethonière: ‘We are excited about Aalbert’s support. With their help we are able to push our new bike to speeds we haven’t seen before!’

Electric Superbike Twente, one of the youngest yet successful student teams at the University of Twente, is racing with 2 fully electric motorcycles this year. This means that the Liion-GP superbike will be upgraded and a new, even faster superbike is being made right now. They will compete in the Open Electric Superbike Competition to once again showcase over 3 races how thrilling sustainable and electric racing can be.

Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp, Aalberts director sustainability & relations: ‘We see a great match between Aalberts and the Electric Superbike Twente. We nurture entrepreneurship, and our technologies enable us to focus on sustainable transportation. We believe this team of 30 young entrepreneurial students, who come from a range of academic disciplines, including mechanical engineering, sustainable energy technologies and software engineering, has the drive and determination to successfully create a complete e-superbike that can reach speeds of over 250 km/h.’

As a startoff of the partnership the team joined Aalberts at the Bedrijvendagen at the University of Twente on the 14th of February. The new electric superbike is to be revealed somewhere around May. 

Photos of Team Electric Superbike and this partnership can be found together with this publication
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