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Joeke Nollet awarded 2019 Marina van Damme Scholarship

The seventeenth Marina van Damme scholarship was awarded to graduate in Technical Medicine Joeke Nollet, at the Entrepreneurial Day. Joeke is now a PhD candidate and Technical Physician at the intensive care unit of the Radboud University Medical Centre. She will use the scholarship, worth €9,000, to set up a fellowship with Flinders University in Australia in order to improve care for patients with swallowing disorders, among other things.

Joeke’s goal is to become an expert in the field of pharingeal HRIM. This is a promising technique specifically for patients with a swallowing disorder, but is not yet in clinical use in the Netherlands. Joeke is the first person to work with this technique and aims to make the technology available to patients in the Netherlands. She intends to use the funds from the scholarship to set up and take part in a fellowship with Professor Taher Omari of Flinders University in Australia, who is the worldwide expert in this field of care. She also hopes to use the funding to take a course on the implementation of innovation in healthcare.

Joeke Nollet began her Bachelor’s degree in Technical Medicine in 2007, graduating in 2010. After subsequently obtaining a Master's degree with cum laude at the University of Twente (in Medical Signalling), Joeke completed a further four-year Master's degree in Medicine and Clinical Research in Utrecht, and again graduated cum laude in 2018. Since September 2018, Joeke has been a PhD candidate and Technical Physician at the intensive care unit of at the Radboud University Medical Centre.

outstanding example of a Technical Physician

The jury was deeply impressed by this relatively young former Twente student: her drive and achievements, and her ambition of becoming an expert in a very specific field of medicine. Joeke is a fine example of a Technical Physician, combining technology with ambition, talent and the needs of society.

Marina van Damme scholarship

The Marina van Damme Grant is awarded to successful former female students of the University of Twente. This scholarship is awarded by the University of Twente Funds Foundation and has been made possible by a donation from Dr M.A. van Damme-Van Weele. Ms Van Damme obtained the first doctorate to be awarded by the former Twente Technical College in 1965. The scholarship is intended to support the career advancement of talented and ambitious former female students of the University of Twente and help them achieve new ambitions. The prize consists of a sum of money (€9,000), a certificate and an artwork, created by Mohana van den Kroonenberg. Sixteen candidates were nominated this year.

drs. M.M.J. van Hillegersberg - Hofmans (Martine)
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