Research Institutes

Our strength lies in the collaboration between the various disciplines. In the research institutes the University of Twente connects technology (high tech) to human behaviour and social relevance (human touch).

Mesa+ - institute for nanotechnology

MESA+ is one of the world’s leading research institutes on nanostructures, nanomaterials, nanosystems and nanodevices. Embracing a cross-disciplinary approach and benefiting from the NanoLab - infrastructure that ranks among the very best on the globe - over 500 researchers deliver high quality, competitive and frequently ground-breaking research. The results are evident in our numerous publications as well as in various high-profile achievements.

TechMed Centre 

The TechMed Centre is a leading Innovation Hub in the healthtech domain with state-of-the-art infrastructure, ranging from research labs, preclinical testbeds and simulated hospital environments up to the actual healthcare system. The TechMed Centre improves healthcare through research & development, education and collaboration in a global network.

Digital Society Institute

The Digital Society Institute performs scientific research in technology that is essential for digitalization, on methods and techniques for integrating digital technology in our environments, and in how we can come to intelligent, well-informed decision making. An important aspect of our mission is to conduct research that has an impact on society.