Quality agreementsĀ 

The UT has put effort in increasing the quality of its education which was rewarded with the predicate best technical university. This improvement could not have been realized without the combined effort of students, teachers, and the organization as a whole.

Our new government also underlines the importance of good education. In order to assure education of good quality they issued that quality agreements between universities and the ministry are to be made. The UT has been given the responsibility to come up with its own qualitative focus points. This opportunity will be used to define ambitions concerning quality of education in dialog with the academic community and jointly further improve the quality of our education.

Because this webpage is meant for UT students / staff only all the relevant documents and information regarding the Quality Agreements can be found "Main Quality Agreements" folder which is only accesable from the University of Twente network or by people with a valid UT account.