The faculty of BMS and the University of Twente have several regulations that apply to students and lecturers.

Besides, the examination boards of BMS have their own Rules and Regulations that state how they execute the requirements and powers the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) and the EER have set for them. The current R&R you will find on the website of the examination boards BMS.

Via this link you will find the current EER, traditional arrangements and the archives of the EER's and R&R's of the past years in the programme-specific appendix (BMS and the former faculties of MG/MB and BS/GW).

UT regulations (student's charter) 

The Students' Charter contains the rights and obligations of students on the one hand and the University of Twente on the other hand. The charter consists of 2 parts:

  • an institutional section that applies to all students of the UT (see website CES)
  • a programme section that contains the Education and Examination Regulation (EER) and the programme specific appendices of this faculty.

Via this link you can find a overview of the UT regulations (including codes of conduct, enrolment regulations, and complaints/appeal).

transitional arrangements ('overgangsregelingen')

Transitional arrangements Psychology (in Dutch ‘overgangsregeling’)

A transitional arrangement applies when the curriculum changes. The transitional arrangements can help you if a course is not offered any longer, and you failed to complete the course successfully. The transitional arrangement then indicates which re-sits of the exam are still being offered and by which current units of study the (old) course is replaced. Changes in the curriculum and transitional arrangements can be found in the programme-specific appendix of the EER.

For students who failed to complete more than one module/course that is no longer offered it is important/necessary to contact the study counsellor/adviser.