Step-by-step plan master's thesis (start to finish)

The step-by-step plan below (mainly) lists the practical steps/procedures to be followed when writing the master's thesis. Information on the rules and guidelines concerning the master's thesis (supervision, planning, etc.) is available on Afstudeerweb, under master's thesis rules and guidelines

Step-by-step plan master’s thesis


Prior knowledge requirements

Fully completed university bachelor's programme in Psychology or pre-master's programme in Psychology (at the University of Twente).


Familiarize yourself with the various possibilities for an assignment.

You might do so by, for instance, reviewing the information and projects on the ‘Afstudeerweb’ (Master's thesis projects), or by talking with students who have already started their master’s thesis project.


Contact your theme coordinator to submit or discuss your choice of master’s thesis project.

The theme coordinator will verify whether your chosen project is still available and will next inform the relevant supervisor. You can also discuss your own project idea with the theme coordinator. Should you still have any questions, you can contact the study adviser or the theme coordinator.


Register your thesis in Mobility Online, complete your proposal form/contract and the Ethics Committee application

When your project and supervisor have been determined, you need to register your thesis in the UT system called Mobility Online. The registration process in Mobility Online consists of several steps which you all have to complete before you can actually graduate. One of the first steps is to fill out the thesis proposal form (i.e. graduation contract). Naturally, you also need to discuss the proposal form with your supervisor(s). All information about registering in Mobility online and filling out the proposal form can be found here. Finally, submit the completed and signed proposal form with the appendix to the Educational Affairs Office.

Furthermore, you have to submit the data collection application form to the Ethics Committee. Naturally, you also need to discuss the submission of the application to the Ethics Committee with your supervisor(s).


Conduct research

As part of the master's thesis, you are to conduct research. For instance, you can perform an experiment, conduct a survey, perform qualitative research (interviews), observational research, a systematic review or a design project. During the thesis process, you will be supervised by a first (and second) supervisor. Information on the number of contact moments and scheduling during the performance of the research is available under master's thesis rules and guidelines.

Below are provided links to a programme to be used for distributing an online questionnaire and to guidelines and tips on writing your report/thesis.


‘Green light’

This is the point where your master's thesis is approved. You can now start arranging your colloquium (refer to Finalising the master's examination and preparing your presentation/colloquium).


Register for the master's examinationand finishing your thesis in Mobility Online

No later than 15 working days prior to the colloquium, you are to submit the completed Psychology Master's Examination Registration form to the Educational Affairs Office (BOZ, RA3284).
A couple of days prior to the presentation/colloquium, you are to visit the secretary's office of the Education Service Centre (Ravelijn 3244) to pick up a master's thesis evaluation form. The programme director kindly requests that you fill in this form conscientiously. It is very important that the master programme is properly evaluated. Return the completed evaluation form to the secretary's office, at the latest on the day of your colloquium.

At the stage of completing your thesis you also have to mark your project as finished in the Mobility Online system. All information about Mobility Online can be found here  Please note: when you started your thesis before september 2017 and handed in the 'old' thesis contract without the use of Mobility Online, it is not necessary to (register and) finish your thesis in the Mobility Online system. 


Submit report

Submit the following, at the latest on the day of your colloquium:

  1. Thesis(digitally, via email) to (in *.doc and *.pdf)
  2. Completed master's thesis evaluation form (as mentioned above).
  3. Upload your thesis to UT Student Theses (

More instructions about how to upload your thesis you can find at:
After uploading the thesis the student, the tutor(s) and the administration office of your faculty will be notified by means of a generated e-mail. The thesis will be available in UT Student Theses within 3 working days and will be attached to your student file in the UT archive.
Note: your grade will only be registered after you have submitted the thesis to BOZ and the library and have returned the evaluation form.



Students obtaining their master's degree are assessed on 6 components, listed on two forms. The graduation supervisors will score each component (max. score of 100). Note: each component is to be graded with at least a satisfactory score (min. score of 55).

Assessment form 1 master's thesis components 1-5 - the graduation supervisors fill in the (digital) form prior to the colloquium. They print and (both!) sign the completed form in 3-fold (for BOZ, for the student and for the first supervisor).

Assessment form 2 master's thesis component 6 (presentation) - to be completed and signed by the graduation supervisors at the time of the colloquium on an NCR form (white form for BOZ, pink form for the student, yellow form for the supervisor(s). BOZ delivers the NCR form to the supervisor prior to the colloquium (together with the diploma).