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4. Assessment bachelor's thesis

The bachelor’s thesis is assessed on six components using two assessment forms. The thesis supervisors award a grade for each component (max 100), and each component must be at least a pass grade (minimum 55) to complete the bachelor’s thesis successfully.  

4.1 Assessment scores

The meaning of the scores is as follows:

Assessment score



≤ 54


unsatisfactory; thesis does not meet the required standards



satisfactory; thesis meets the required standards



thesis easily meets the required standards



good thesis



very good thesis



outstanding, exceptionally good thesis

4.2 Assessment form 1 part 1-5

The thesis supervisors need to complete the PDF form digitally (including the explanatory notes) prior to the presentation, and print and sign the completed form in triplicate (one copy for BOZ, one for the student, one for the (first) supervisor). Both supervisors need to sign the form (x3). If there are any problems with the entry fields on Assessment Form 1, first download and save the form and open this from your own directory.

4.3 Assessment form 2 part 6 (presentation)

This form is supplied by the Educational Affairs Office on the day of the presentation. The supervisor who is first to arrive on presentation day will be given all the forms for that day by BOZ in advance and should place these ready in the room. The supervisor(s) need(s) to complete the three-part form during/after the presentation and calculate the grade; one of the supervisors needs to sign the form: the white form is for BOZ, pink form for the student and yellow for the supervisor’s own records.