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5. Assessment bachelor's thesis

The bachelor’s thesis is assessed on six components using two assessment forms. Please make sure that you are familiar with the assessment components before you finish your thesis. The thesis supervisors/examiners award a score/grade for each component (max 100), and each component must be at least a pass grade (minimum 55) to complete the bachelor’s thesis successfully. 

5.1 Assessment scores

The meaning of the scores is as follows:

Assessment score



≤ 54


unsatisfactory; thesis does not meet the required standards



satisfactory; thesis meets the required standards



thesis easily meets the required standards



good thesis



very good thesis



outstanding, exceptionally good thesis

5.1 Assessment forms

The bachelor's thesis is assessed on six components, listed on two forms, which you can be find below. The thesis examiners will score each component (max. score of 100). Note: each component is to be graded with at least a satisfactory score (min. score of 55).

The first assessment form is filled in by the thesis examiners prior to the colloquium. Both examiners/supervisors (digitally) sign the form. 
The second assessment form is to be completed and (digitally) signed by the thesis examiners at the time of the colloquium. This form includes the grade for the presentation, an assessment overview, and the final grade for the thesis (one decimal place/non-rounded).

The thesis examiners submit the (digitally) signed assessment forms by e-mail to the Educational Affairs Office ( The thesis grade will then be registered in OSIRIS and is rounded to a final thesis (half) grade in accordance with the following scheme:
Grade ≥ 5.50 and <6.00            --> 6.0

In case n≠5
Grade≥ n.00 and <n.25             --> n.0
Grade≥ n.25 and <n.75             --> n.5
Grade≥ n.75 and <(n+1).00       -->  (n+1).0