The third year (B3) of the bachelor's programme in Psychology includes a 30 EC elective space in the first semester. If you want to take courses at another university in the Netherlands or abroad you need approval from your Psychology Programme Board. To obtain such approval or to confirm your choices please fill in this approval form.

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If in the same field of study motivate why you think it mainly adds to your study programme and if it does not, or not significantly, overlap with the programme (think of main subjects, predescribed literature, learning objectives). Report your findings of the comparison with the modules of the BMS study programme (what does it add, which kind/amount of overlap):

Alternative courses

For Study Abroad, you are obliged to select three alternative courses, in case some of the courses you want to follow will not be available or appear to have conflicting timetables

Motivation and cohesion

Please state below the reasons why you chose the aforementioned course package. Also point out the internal cohesion between the courses in the package. This can be done for the package as a whole (30 EC) or for parts thereof:

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