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About this Portal

Share your touch! What is the university of twente project portal

This portal is created from a desire of DesignLab and Living Smart Campus to have more insights in the different research of the UT community. The University of Twente is specialized in High Tech Human Touch research. But how is this done in practice? The research projects are now scattered between the different research institutes as well as several multidisciplinary initiatives. 

This project portal is the place to showcase all these research projects. Goal is to show connections between the project on topic or theme and not just organize them by research group or facultity. We want to show the research themes of the UT and show that all of the UT is working together and multidisciplinary on solving the big problems of today's world!

There are three steps to publishing a project: 

  • Step 1: Provide basic project information. This includes stating how your project reflects the university’s High Tech, Human Touch approach and identifying its social science and technological components. 
  • Step 2: Provide more detailed project information. 
  • Step 3: Once you are happy with the preview, you can proceed and submit your project for review.

After submission your project will be checked to see if it fits the requirements. At the moment you can submit a project for DesignLab or for Living Smart Campus.


DesignLab is a creative and cross-disciplinary ecosystem at the University of Twente, connecting science and society through design. If your project is multidisciplinary and geared towards implementing and developing scientific and technological insights that can help find and shape creative, innovative and meaningful solutions for complex societal challenges, then this is the profile for you. DesignLab projects are reviewed by the DesignLab Dream Team. (


In the Living Smart Campus programme, scientists, students and external parties work on solutions to complex societal matters that require a scientific approach. To explore these solutions, the programme uses the campus as an experimental environment. Since students and scientists live and work on campus, this makes the experiments easier to conduct and gives them a higher profile. The campus and its exceptional facilities offer a unique setting to prepare solutions before they are introduced more widely into society. It is a true living lab. Living Smart Campus projects are reviewed by the Living Smart Campus committee (