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Nature-Inspired Design Digital Nature as a catalyst for creativity and idea generation

Living Smart Campus

Project information

Why do so many office environments house posters and wallpapers of spacious landscapes or ‘wild’ nature? What is the charm of such wild or expansive landscapes, and why do they seem so fitting not only in home environments but in work environments as well? We propose that the charm of such nature visualizations resides in their potential not only to bring aesthetic delight, but also to inspire and stimulate creativity, something that is important in many settings where learning and idea generation are essential such as in schools, offices, the creative industry, and of course, at our own living smart campus.

Following up on our Tech4People project in which we developed a virtual nature environment to stimulate patient wellbeing in healing environments, in this project we seek to explore how digital nature can inspire a creative mind-set conducive to learning and idea generation of students and employees at our university. Specifically, we will focus on the UT's library (in collaboration with LISA - Optimal Learning Environment) and the Technohal (to be opened later next year).

This project involves a collaboration between BMS (Thomas van Rompay, Maaike Endedijk), FB (Marc Hulshof, Dorien van der Aa), LISA (Marjolein Drent), HMI (Gijs Huisman), CTW (Geke Ludden) and KAIST University - Korea (Daniel Saakes).

Anticipated outcomes of this project include design guidelines for the design of creative learning spaces and a multi-purpose virtual nature environment. By creating optimal learning environments at our campus, this project not only stimulates student satisfaction and excellence in innovation, but also aligns with the ambition of our university to unite hi-tech and human-touch in order to face the challenges of the world of tomorrow.

Interested or want to participate? Please contact Thomas van Rompay:

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