Project information

We try to take care of your daily needs at DesignLab, whether you have a question on how to use our facilities or need some advise on how to proceed with your project.

We are a multi-disciplinary, international team consisting of the various technical and social sciences. We chose for science2design4society, because we believe that academic collaboration will impact the way we solve todays and tomorrows problems.

Next to our shifts (working at the desk, preparing events, keep up an amazing atmosphere) we work on projects to improve DesignLab in all kinds of directions.

Our projects range from designing our facilities, building our interior, tools and equipment (Like CONNECT tables, HoneyCombs, the green houses )  to much broader social (Toasti Tuesdays) or educational projects (DesignLab University Workshops) as well as how to create working themes such as collaboration or sustainability in DesignLab. Some of our projects go beyond the halls of the DesignLab, such as the Amsterdam Light Festival, or are in collaboration with external companies such as Shelter Suit and ING. 

Do you have a specific question? Browse our profiles, our browse for skills. See when that DreamTeamer is on schedule or contact him/her via email. We will try to help you out, or find somebody who can.