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The project

At present, new visitors to the campus do not really experience a warm, welcoming feeling when they first arrive. No reception, no information about where to report for an appointment, no suggestions even about where to grab a cup of coffee before the appointment begins, where they can park their car or what is going on around them on campus. The UT has set itself the target of becoming the Most Welcoming University for both new and regular visitors to our campus. With this in mind, as well as the desire to take visitors by the hand, virtually, during their visit, development on the Campus App started in 2015, in which all functionality is linked to time and location, thus enabling users to navigate.

The starting point for this project was to create a product together with the UT community of students, academics and support staff, which would continue to develop using our own innovative technologies and which provides room for the experimental environment that is the UT.


The first version of the app was launched in September 2016. This created a base upon which continued development can take place over the coming years. The current product includes the following functionalities:

  • A user’s personalized programme is loaded via a connection. At the moment, this applies to UT events, such as the Open Days, CuriousU, the Opening of the Academic Year and events held by various associations and educational programmes. After registering, the user receives an invitation to make use of the app and after logging in the personalized programme is loaded for the event.
  • Discover the campus: an overview of the Points of Interest around the campus, in map and list form, providing the user with an overview of the POIs in various categories (car parks, companies, culture, food and drink outlets, hotels, housing, education, research, sport, facilities, shops, buildings and events).
  • Overview of events taking place on campus in the near future.
  • Notice board on which logged-in users can post messages to the community.
  • All functionalities are linked to time and location, and in this product phase everything is focused on outdoor navigation (up to the main entrances of buildings).

2017 plans

This is still only a first release and the continued development planned in 2017 will be given further shape in collaboration with students and academics. For instance, we are working on a pilot for indoor positioning and navigation in the Ravelijn building, and we want to use this test set-up to explore new possibilities by means of research. In addition, a number of new functionalities will be added for current students before September, such as the loading of a time- and location-linked timetable.

How can you help us?

In many different ways! We are continuously searching for inspiration and ideas to make this product a true UT product, and to link the innovations and research that take place here to the possibilities we see for the product. But in addition to this, you are also most welcome to think along about the content, new POIs on campus and new functions that offer added value in taking our visitors by the hand, virtually, and allowing them to fully discover the campus. Contact for more information. 

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My project updates

28 Feb 2018

Update Project Phase: closed...

In February we finished the Campus App project. Two years full of collaboration between scientists, students and spin-off companies with the aim to develop a product to welcome the visitors of our campus and to let our students explore the campus. Off course the product is still in use and we will invest our time in optimizing the current features and the content. Do you have ideas for new functionalities, questions about the product or do you see possibilities for collaboration with the product? You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to 

13 Oct 2017

Update! Indoor navigation

The proof of concept for indoor navigation in the Ravelijn building has started! The maps and positioning are now integrated in a demo app. At this moment we are testing this version and in November students and employees join us in the tests. Want to join this experiment? Let us know!

31 Aug 2017

New feature: MyTimetable

With this new feature, students can use the app to load their personal timetable. Not only ideal for current students, but especially for the new students, to find their way around campus and to the next lecture.

31 Aug 2017

Participate in the indoor experiment!

In November the campus app project group will start a proof of concept for indoor navigation. The proof of concept is done in corporation with BMS Lab, Locus Positioning and Smartsigns (UT Spinoffs).

In this PoC we will investigate how we can realize indoor navigation on our campus. For example by using interactive signage, augmented reality, a combination or what else we can come up with. The proof of concept will be a stage for experiments with technology. If you’d like to participate in this experiment please let us know at

24 Jul 2017

Proof of concepts Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation takes ever-greater shape and the first collaborations with researchers from BMS Lab and Tech4People are explored. Our own spin-off companies Locus Positioning and Smartsigns are also working with us to make this work. 

15 Jun 2017

New functionalities for students

An assessment is made, in collaboration with the Student Union, of the added value of the product for current students and the possibilities for students newly arriving in September 2017. Working on the implementation of MytimeTable and more possibilities to use the messageboard option of the app. 

1 Jan 2017

Indoor navigation - research fase

Start researching the possibilities for indoor navigation. Colleagues from various university disciplines provide their input and work on the assessment criteria and the selection of parties. Own spin-off companies are connected!

16 Nov 2016

Campus App used during the Open Days

All Open Days visitors receive an e-ticket, which gives them access to the programme via the Campus App and they can also load their own personalized programme. Feedback on the operation of the product will be taken into account in the following release.

1 Sep 2016

First release

Following the successful test at CuriousU, the actual launch takes place during the Opening of the Academic Year. From then on, the product is used in events in which we make an active connection with the visitor.

13 Aug 2016

First test case with real users

The more than 200 participants in the CuriousU festival are invited to download the app and use it during the event. Their own personalized programme is loaded.

1 Jun 2016

Testing periode Minimum Viable Product

  • First iOS and Android test versions ready
  • User testing employing eye-tracking graduate research from ITC
  • Adjustments and fine tuning of the product
1 Dec 2015

Supplier selection

  • Assessment of all concepts and models with colleagues from the IT board, ITC, CTIT, EWI, IO, LISA, FB, M&C and external parties
  • Concept ready and supplier selected

1 Sep 2015

Start of the project

Not all who wander are lost. Watch the video and find out more about the vision of the Campus App.