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Send maintenance requests; track the history of the maintenance works performed for a single facility/house; be involved in the community life and more. When we move to a new place, we typically care about the quality of our living and working spaces, as well as that of common community areas.

The UtMAINTAIN project is proposing a new concept of “participatory maintenance” to engage people in the maintenance process of their neighborhood by using an online platform that enables them to easily point out existing problems, quickly submit maintenance requests and monitor the progress of the repairs.

The campus of the University of Twente is the perfect living lab to develop such a concept. We want to involve the individuals that live, study and work in the campus, into proactive and responsible behaviours, contributing to the maintenance process of the campus facilities. We believe that the ability to submit maintenance requests, without intermediate filters and delays, and to verify their execution, would not only improve the liveability of the campus, but also increase the sense of responsibility toward the campus community and its premises.


·        The user will have the opportunity to request for maintenance interventions, upload pictures of the problem, check the status of the request, be informed on future maintenance actions in his/her place;

·        The maintenance company will be able to communicate easily and immediately with the users, scheduling interventions or asking for further monitoring actions;

·        The UT, simplifying the communication process and facilitating the maintenance operations, will benefit in terms of reliability, maintainability and safety of the Campus structures. Furthermore, this simple platform will provide another proof of how the UT is deeply embedded in the digital era not only from a research point of view, but also from a day-by-day life in its Campus.


The result of the project will be an online platform that:

1) allows users to directly send maintenance requests or facility status update to the maintenance suppliers;

2) ensures that suppliers get the requests and sends feedbacks to the users;

3) provides updated information about the status of the maintenance requests, improving the effectiveness of the maintenance performance in the Campus by significantly reducing the time to solve maintenance issues and increasing the users/customers satisfaction;

4) tracks the history of the maintenance works performed for a single facility/house.

The system will be a user-friendly platform and easily accessible from laptops, smart devices or by means of the UT app.


The UTMaintain project is currently under development. In the first phase, the main stakeholders were contacted. On the one hand, the Facility Management of the University of Twente and the LISA department have financially contributed to the project with funds to cover the costs of one or two student-assistants working for the project. On the other hand, the management of De Veste has shown interest in the project and more funds to support the development of the project are under discussion.

Besides, the project was presented as a case study for students of the Design for Maintenance and Operations master course of the University of Twente. As a result, some contributions in terms of ideas and sketches for the design of the online platform were provided by those students.

If you would like to get involved in this development project (thesis, assignment etc..) or want to know more about it, please contact Alberto Martinetti or J. Roberto Reyes García.

Henk Swaters is the representative for the UTMaintain project in the Living Smart Campus programme.

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23 Aug 2017

UT Mantain in U-Today

From the 22th of August UT Maintain is also in the U-Today Portal

20 Jul 2017

UTMaintain in UT News

From the 19th of July UT Maintain is in the news of the UT website and also a digital poster is shown on the screens in the Campus!!/2017/7/101669/improving-liveability-on-campus-university-of-twente-by-utmaintain