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Holoflowing Wheel; Amsterdam Light Festival Interactive artwork


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The Holoflowing Wheel illuminates the production,  transport and storage of energy, but in a way that creates a spark in the minds of people. The abstract way of storing the energy in elevated water makes one think about energy. The power of the sunlight causes a pump to transport the water to an elevated container during the day. When the sun sets, that stored water slowly runs out of the container, setting a water wheel in motion. The rotation of this water wheel generates energy that lights up a flow of light and a hologram on top of the structure.


The sun provides a lot of energy, energy we use to power our lives. However, the sunlight is not always present. Storing the sun’s energy is crucial for using it at other moments. The Holoflowing Wheel lets people wonder about that, how energy can be stored in a durable way. The Holoflowing Wheel creates a link between a traditional “Twents” water wheel and a modern-day challenge. The stored energy is used to power a holographic image, one of the latest innovations in light. The illumination of the different parts of the artwork tell a story together. The sun, the endless amount of energy it provides and how we can use that energy in a sustainable way. It shines a light on the flow of the energy from the sun.


Energy is the biggest need of every existing organism. No exception for mankind. The amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth is around 9000 times higher than the need of all 7 billion people together on this planet. However, we struggle to store the energy. Mankind is tempted to use other, non durable, energy sources. And when we do store the durable energy of the sun, we store it invisible, in batteries. Because the sun’s energy is not always present, we need a durable way to store it. At this day, a proper solution to this problem is not yet found, it is the future. The Holoflowing Wheel takes a first step to make people wonder about this idea. We challenge their minds by creating a visible way to store energy. The hologram even create new elements with the use of light, created from the energy of light.

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11 Apr 2017

Accepted to Amsterdam Light Festival