Meike Belter

Meike Belter, MSc. - Communication Science (BMS)

I a recent Master of Science graduate in Communication Science majoring in Technology & Communication. My interests lie in the field of Human-Technology interaction. I envision myself contributing to research centering around social implications emerging through new technological fields such as the IoT. New technology and especially complex technologies shall be created allowing a diverse society equal access, usability, and user experience.

Under the scope of an Internship at Thales NL, i researched the influence of Virtual Reality maintenance training on spatial awareness and learning comprehension. Since August 2019, I am employed as a lecturer for academic and communication skills at the BMS faculty. As I am anticipating a career in research, i want to strengthen and manifest my research interest in Human-Technology interaction by the means of a Ph.D. position in the near future. Furthermore, i believe in the opportunities new technology has to offer in solving societal issues.
I can see myself contributing with passion and dedication to innovative projects seeing that enhancing 21st-century skills can contribute to providing a diverse society with equal opportunities in regards to technology usage eventually influencing societal issues such as sustainability or healthcare positively.
Underpinning my capability of working on a project in a self-steering yet cooperative manner is my successful participation in the University of Twente Master Honors Program ‘Change Leaders.’ The program focused on the development of knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to change management, allowing to conduct projects in an organized and self-conscious manner.


CommunicationResearch and analysisProject and task managementTeamworkProfessional behaviourSocial responsibilityContinuous learningInnovativeHigh Tech, Human Touch


Participant of these projects:
Responsible Smart City Design