Tim de Ruiter


Design thinking allows to see a problem from a different perspective, coming up with radical new ideas to solve the challenges, whilst keeping a close eye on strategy, market feasibility and technical realism. Strong visualisation skills accompanied by smart communication skills aid in conveying the idea. Technical knowledge then provides the means to realise it.

Within a group, I will share my enthusiasm and determination to others to always ensure the best possible outcome and quality. Having a total overview of the situation allows me to form a bridge between departments.

My passion and heart for society and environment are the basis on which I operate. I work hard to ensure others will enjoy the same prosperity as we have now.


Research and analysisProject and task managementCommitment to qualityProfessional behaviourSocial responsibilityContinuous learningDesigningAcademic excellencePerformance managementCustomer focusAmbitiousInnovativeCreativeInternational orientationHigh Tech, Human Touch