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Juan Jauregui Becker

Juan Jauregui Becker

Juan Jauregui-Becker is an assistant professor at the university of Twente, Department of Design, Production and Management. He completed his bachelor in mechanical engineering at the University of Los Andes in Venezuela in 2003. In 2004, he came to the Netherlands to pursue first a master in Mechanical Automation and then a Ph.D. in Design Theory and Methodology, both at the University of Twente. His Ph.D. thesis researched the automation of engineering design tasks by applying a combination of computer science and design methodology techniques. As an assistant professor, Juan Manuel is currently researching the application of lean principles as Set Based Concurrent Engineering and Just In Time Decision Making during the detail design phase of technical systems. Juan is also researching the application of lean product development principles as a means to organize value creation processes performed by grassroots innovators in deprived communities. Juan’s research has given him the opportunity to participate in applied research projects with companies like PHILIPS, APOLLO, Oce, UNILEVER, DAIMLER and FESTO. Juan teaches several courses on product development and production management at the University of Twente and is an adjunct lecturer at the Vietnamese German University in Vietnam. His research interest are: lean design, design education, design automation, modelling in engineering design, and design thinking as a tool for sustainable development.


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