Seirgei Miller

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Dr. Seirgei Miller:

I am a researcher at the University of Twente in The Netherlands, where I focus on addressing challenges facing the asphalt construction industry. My PhD thesis titled “The Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Process – Towards a more professional approach” aptly describes the drive to reduce variability in the entire asphalt supply chain and in so doing, improve quality and increase the durability of constructed asphalt layers.

My research aims to transform the rather traditional, low-tech asphalt construction process into an advanced manufacturing process where technologies such as GPS, infrared thermography, sensors and sensor modalities are used to steer process parameters during construction. The research is carried out in collaboration with 10 of the largest construction companies in The Netherlands who collectively are responsible for more than 80% of the annual asphalt construction turnover. These contractors and researchers at our University make up the Asphalt Paving Research and innovation (Aspari) network.

Changing market dynamics, especially longer guarantee periods, forced contractors to improve their primary processes and consciously work towards reducing variability in asphalt paving and compaction. An increase in the use of “non-traditional” contract forms by public clients changed the “rules of the game” significantly, forcing contractors to think innovatively and find new ways of approaching process control in road construction. It is within this context that my colleagues and I within the ASPARi unit, are working hard to move the construction industry from traditional, experience-driven practices towards more method-based practices using new technologies, sensors and most importantly, explicit data.


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Owner of these projects:
Developing and implementing a Health Condition Monitoring System for asphalt roads on the UT campus