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Tips for literature research assignments

  • Check prior knowledge: before you formulate an assignment, check with the information specialist what the student’s prior knowledge is and whether they need extra tuition.
  • Material availability
  • Paper: avoid sending students to look for the same material. If the material is essential for your assignment, try to arrange to have the material available in the library for reference only.Digital: students have access to the same material as employees. Just like employees, they can install a VPN at home or on a placement to access the digital library.
  • Check the availability of information: if you set subjects for literary research, make sure that the students can find sufficient information on the subject and whether they have access to this information. If you encounter difficulties in this area get in touch with the information specialist to see whether the material can be made available.
  • Check research assignment: if students are allowed to formulate their own research assignment, check before they begin whether it is a feasible topic for literary research investigation.
  • Explicit assignment: be clear about the material students can use for a reference list (scientific articles, articles taken from literary journals/magazines, other non-scientific material)
  • Be specific about the demands you make for a reference list for a paper