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What is FindUT?

FindUT is a so called “Discovery System”, it contains all content (books, journals, articles, patents and much more) the University of Twente physically owns or has access to. However, it also contains millions of publications Worldwide available.

Entering a simple search query displays a single (mixed) result list with filter options on the left side bar to narrow down the search results.

FindUT general info


Books contain basic knowledge on an academic level, including formulas, theories and classic examples. To find books, use more general or broader terms and concepts.


Articles discuss the details of ongoing research: they provide an author’s small contribution to progress science. To find articles, use more (specific) terms If the search returns mostly older articles, the research may be completed. In that case, searching for books with a collection of all established knowledge is a good option.

Not found what you need

  • Specify your search by only searching for title words. You can find this option in the autocomplete drop down in the search bar.
    FindUT - specify your search  
  • Use Advanced Search to search in more specific fields, such as author or title. This is especially helpful when searching for known publications.
    FindUT - advanced search
  • When looking for more recent material, change the sorting from “best match” (default) to “recency”.FindUT - sorting
  • By default, searching is done in all UT content. Expand your search from the UT collection to all Libraries in The Netherlands or to  Worldwide.
    FindUT - expand 
  • If results are not (currently) available in the University of Twente library collection: please reserve the book or click the “Options (e.g. ILL)”  link in the upper right corner of FindUT to check if the item is available elsewhere.

    A number of alternatives is listed, like ILL (Interlibrary lending): a service that requests the publication at other (university) libraries. NB. Additional costs may apply, depending on your user-status).
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