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Advice on records management


Archive gives advice on various issues in the field of archive and records management. Perhaps finding documents takes a lot of time, are you looking for smart solutions, do you want to structure your archive, want to know retention periods, or start a new project or a new task and you want to make good agreements about archiving in advance. For various situations, we can find an appropriate solution.

Quality Framework

In case of a complex request, where a structured approach is important to achieve good results, we follow the steps of Project Management. A project intake takes a view on the problem theorem, reason, purpose and desired results and solution.
When the conversations show that the question is simple, or informing about possibilities, we are happy to skip this step to come to an appropriate answer.


For using this service, please contact Steven Schulenberg.


In order to understand the question and to obtain good advice, it may be necessary to have one or more conversations with stakeholders, and to provide some information and documentation.