Transferring all products and services provided by all support departments to this central catalogue is a long process. This table sums up how far we are, on a scale from 0 (nothing) to 5 (fully migrated):

Department name

Migration status

Campus & Facility Management (CFM)

4 - Transferred all items. (Still improving on item level.)

Centre for Educational Support (CES)

4 - Listed all services, but linking to external pages for details.

Finances (FIN)

1 - Listed all services a long time ago, need to be reviewd and contains many broken links.

General Affairs (AZ)

0 - No service ABC available at this department.

Human Resources (HR)

3 - Transferred health & safety and international services but need to transfer the rest.

Library, ICT Services and Archive (LISA)

5 - Fully transferred.

Marketing & Communications (M&C)

5 - Fully transferred.  

Strategy & Policy (SP)

0 - No service ABC available at this department.