See Conference Philosophy of Human Technology Relations

Call for Papers (closed)

Conference aims

The conference aims to:

  • Present philosophical work and interdisciplinary research in and on human-technology relations.
  • Explore how philosophical, design, and art research can contribute to envisioning the potentials of future human-technology relations.
  • Investigate how research in human-technology relations can inform policy making and political agendas, critically and constructively.

Abstract submissions

We welcome abstract submissions for papers, panels, posters and workshops;

  • Papers - abstracts: 250 words, and up to three keywords (20 minutes talk, 10 minutes for discussion).
  • Panel proposals - can consist of up to 4 abstracts (see above), should include a general description (200 words) and the CV of participants and organizer.
  • Posters – abstract of 250 words, and up to three keywords (bachelor and master students only).
  • Workshops (sessions with an active role for all participants) - description of 500 words; please indicate if you have specific requirements.

Abstracts, along with a short CV, can be submitted via the button on top or bottom of this page.

Suggestions for Panels and Workshops

  • Postphenomenology - General framework; strengths, limits, and venues for further research 
  • Knowledge - How technologies help to shape human understandings of the world 
  • Ethics - How technologies help to shape norms, values, and decisions
  • Metaphysics - How technologies influence metaphysical thought
  • Engineering & Design - Exploring human-media and human-technology interactions
  • Intimate technologies - How technologies reveal new intimacies and give rise to unprecedented vulnerabilities
  • Politics - How technologies shape power distribution; technological risks and social/ecological justice
  • Techno Environments - How technologies transform and become our milieus 
  • Art - How technologies mediate imagination, and allow new possibilities of artistic expression
  • Posthumanism(s) - How technology and the human being merge
  • Techno-cultural pluralism - How our lifeworld is technologically transformed across various cultures
  • Responsible Design and Innovation - How technologies enable and challenge policy making and interdisciplinary research
  • ...

Important dates

  • June 15, 2020: Deadline for submission of abstracts 
  • by latest September 1, 2020: Opening up for official registration