Welcome to the Education Committee newsletter!

On behalf of the Education Committee and of the programme management for European Public Administration, Public Governance across Borders, and European Studies programmes, we would like to invite you to read our joint newsletter. The newsletter aims at all bachelor students in European Public Administration, Public Governance across Borders, and all master students in Public Administration and European Studies.

With the newsletter we would like to provide information about all the work that often remains “behind the scenes” for many of you: the management of the different programmes, the work of the Education Committee, the improvements we develop for our education programmes, and also special events and celebrations we would like to share with you. The newsletter informs you about the improvements we make on the basis of feedback provided by the students in the evaluations.

What is more, we hope the newsletter will be a new platform to share interesting news, announcements regarding coming activities, and other relevant information—such as introductions by alumni of the programme.

We hope you enjoy the reading,

Ariana Need, professor of Sociology, chair of the Education Committee and Chair of the Public Administration Department
René Torenvlied, professor of Public Management and Educational Programmes Director

What does the Education Committee do?

The Education Committee (OLC in Dutch) advises the programme management in regard to various aspects pertaining to the organization and management of the educational process. The Education Committee provides requested and unrequested advice to the programme management regarding: the education and teaching regulations (OER in Dutch, EER in English), Module/Course evaluations and Module/Course Improvement Plans, provides feedback and input collected from students and discuss them together with the staff members.

The Committee meets every six weeks to discuss the different topics on the agenda. Please do not hesitate to contact the committee members (see list below) if you would like to propose topics for discussion.


Staff members

Student members

Prof. dr. Ariana Need, chair

Lara Slaats, 1st year

Dr. Minna van Gerven

Anna Alicia Kier, 2nd year

Dr. Dr. Veronica Junjan

Suzan Sidal, 3rd year

Dr. Pieter-Jan Klok

Jakob Martin, 3rd year

Dr. Claudio Matera

Sanaz Honarmand Ebrahimi, Master PA

Natalie Klauser, Master ES

Nico Hallmann, Master ES

Overview current newsletter issue

In this newsletter issue we aim to introduce to you the Educational Committee, its tasks and members. We plan to send a letter usually after each meeting of the Educational Committee so that we can keep you posted about new developments and informed about upcoming activities.

The editorial committee is composed of the following students: Anna Alicia Kier, Natalie Klauser, Nico Hallmann and, on behalf of staff members, dr. Veronica Junjan.

Student members

Hey Guys! I am Nico Hallmann and I do the double degree program in collaboration with the University of Münster. My colleague, Natalie Klauser, and I, are your student representatives for the European Studies Master’s program in the Educational Committee, which aims to improve the study program. It is my goal to represent your interests in the Committee successfully and therefore I want to encourage you to contact me, if you have any suggestions to improve the program, courses or anything else that comes to your mind. Also, feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or problems regarding the university and your studies.
E-mail: n.hallmann@student.utwente.nl

Hello, everyone. My name is Sanaz Honarmand Ebrahimi. I represent Master students of Public Administration (Sustainability track) in the Educational Committee. The goal of the Committee is to improve the quality of the program with your constructive criticism and feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you had any concern about the courses, would like to share your experience, and had any opinion on what we can learn from. This is all about all of us to make our program and community better. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
E-mail : s.honarmandebrahimi@student.utwente.nl

Hi everyone, my name is Anna Alicia Kier and I am a second year EPA student. You can contact me any time you have problems or suggestions for improvements. Regardless of the year you are in, I will do my best to help you.
E-mail: a.a.kier@student.utwente.nl

Hello, everyone. My name is Natalie Klauser and I am studying the double degree programme Global and European Studies that continues at the University of Münster after having graduated in EPA at the University of Twente. I am glad to be able to represent our Master students in the Educational Committee together with my colleague Nico Hallmann. I am committed to represent your interests and to contribute to the improvement of the Master programme as well as the EPA Bachelor programme. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns related to your studies or programme.
E-mail: n.klauser@student.utwente.nl

Hey there, I am Jakob Martin! I am the representative of the 3rd year EPA students. But no matter what year you're in, feel free to come to me with any suggestions regarding the program or questions about the university. If you need information I am usually a good place to start. Keep it up!
E-mail: j.j.martin@student.utwente.nl

Hi everyone, my name is Lara Slaats and I am representing the first year and I hope that I can bring the overall thoughts that they/we have to the table. Feel free to contact me with any questions, problems or suggestions that you may have regarding the program. I'll do my best to help you.E-mail :
E-mail: l.n.slaats@student.utwente.nl

My name is Suzan Sidal and I am a 3rd year student of the joint degree program „Public Governance across Borders“. I am representing the PGaB students in the educational committee trying to impart the ideas, wishes, concerns and demands of the students. My goal is to support my colleagues in the most sincere and reliable way finding solutions to complex questions and to conciliate in difficult situations. You can approach me with any concern or demand that you have. I am happy to help and assist the student body as good as possible.
E-mail : s.s.sidal@utwente.nl

Staff members

Prof. dr. Ariana Need is professor of Sociology of Public Governance at the Faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences, University of Twente, The Netherlands. She got a MA Political Science at the University of Nijmegen. In 1997 she got her PhD which is titled: The Kindred Vote: Individual and family effects of social class and religion on electoral change in the Netherlands, 1956-1997.Her former positions were associate professor at the department of Sociology of the University of Nijmegen, and assistant professor at the department of Sociology of the University of Amsterdam. She is currently an associate member of Nuffield College, Oxford and a member of the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Since May 1, 2011 prof. Need is member of Sociaal Wetenschappelijke Raad, KNAW
E-mail: a.need@utwente.nl

Hi everybody! I am Minna van Gerven, assistant professor of Sociology of Governance at the department of Public Administration (PA). I currently teach in the European Public Administration (EPA) Bachelor and the Global and European Studies (GES) Master programmes. My disciplinary background intersects with sociology, political science and public administration and I am passionate about research on Global and European Social governance and comparative public policy (reform). I am happy to serve the OLC as a part of the teaching staff and eager to work with colleagues and students to make our education program ever better.
E-mail address: minna.vangerven@utwente.nl

Hello everyone, my name is Veronica Junjan, and I am assistant professor in Public Management at the department of Public Administration (PA). I teach within the bachelor and master programmes in Public Administration. My current research focuses on investigating decision making processes in government, public performance management and implementation processes, specifically as part of the mechanisms and dynamics of public sector reform in comparative perspective. I am looking forward to collaborate with students and colleagues to develop our academic community.
E-mail : v.junjan@utwente.nl

Dr. Pieter-Jan Klok is assistant professor Policy Science in the Department of Public Administration (PA). Current research includes creating cooperation and innovation trough different modes of governance, including citizen participation. He teaches in the field of Policy, network approaches and governance systems in Public Administration and Construction Management and Engineering.
E-mail: p.j.klok@utwente.nl

Dr. Claudio Matera is assistant professor of European Law and Governance within the Department of Public Administration (PA). His research focuses on Justice and Home Affairs law of the EU, the law of EU external relations, EU citizenship, free movement of persons and EU institutional law. Another research priority is focused on the constitutional significance (from a legal perspective) of the European integration process and comparative constitutional law. His research interests and passions are reflected in the different courses he teaches for the Bachelor Programme in European Public Administration and the Master Programme in European Studies.
E-mail : c.matera@utwente.nl

Programme management

Programme director, prof. dr. René Torenvlied

Hello everyone, my name is René Torenvlied and I am director of the programmes in the field of Public Administration at University of Twente (bachelor European Public Administration, the joint degree Public Governance across Borders, the masters Public Administration and European Studies). After holding positions at U. of Groningen, U. of Amsterdam, Utrecht U. and Leiden U., I now hold the chair in Public Management at University of Twente. I am strongly committed to providing our students high quality academic education in our exciting field of study. The Education Committee is crucial in realizing that aim and advises us, the programme management, about all matters that concern education in our programmes. We take the advices of the education Committee very seriously and take action to improve our education constantly. We are also in constant dialog with the Education Committee about plans and initiatives and are very happy that we have this group of committed students and staff members together to advise us.

Programme coordinator

Hello! Martin de Nobel here, programme coordinator for the bachelor European Public Administration, the joint degree Public Governance across Borders, the master Public Administration and the master in European Studies. As a programme coordinator it is my task to make all these great ideas of the professors work in practice. That is sometimes a struggle, but often a great job. Especially with committed students like the ones in the Educational committee it is a joy to go to work and help to improve our studies!

Dr. Rik Reussing is coordinator of the bachelor joint degree Public Governance across Borders, the new master double degree Comparative Public Governance and internship coordinator. He studied political science at the Free University in Amsterdam and received his PhD in Public Administration at the University of Twente in 1996.



Hello, I am Marike Liedenbaum, I am 19 years old and I study European Public Administration. Currently, I am Commissioner Educational affairs of Sirius, the study association for European Public Administration and Health Sciences. This means that I am in the Educational Committee as the representative of Sirius. For this year, I hope that we can raise more awareness among the students of what the Educational Committee does and what part they can play in the improvement of their study programme. This way, the ideas and wishes of the students can be heard and hopefully realized in the end!
E-mail: education@sirius.utwente.nl

Study advisors

My name is Martin Evertzen. I am the study advisor for EPA, PA and ES, also for the Joint-Degree and Double-Degree-programme. From the 31st of March I will retire and Sietie Zuidema will take over my duties as the new study advisor. Ms. Sietie Zuidema is on leave until 11th of March 2017, we will introduce her in the newsletter upon her return.