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Registration (P-NUT) Include-Ur Culture

Share your experience

Introduce your personal culture and background to fellow doctoral candidates. Share your story during the interactive Include-Ur Culture sessions.

These sessions aim to help us recognize the diversity of our community and promote the inclusion of all individuals. However, beyond this honorable aim, if you volunteer to introduce your own culture, we will award you some P-NUT goodies, as well as other Dutch cultural incentives!

What do you need to do? Not much! Just provide a talk of ~10 minutes and interact with the attendees afterwards. You can share your experiences in whichever way you like!

If you are interested, we would only ask for the following:

  1. That you register so we can contact you to schedule a session;
  2. That you are ok with your talk being recorded;
  3. And if possible, that you send us a photo and a couple of lines that describe your cultural background (e.g. it could be your nationality or more personal values and experiences).

We would like to video-record all sessions, and make them available in the P-NUT website (or some highlights). In that way, other doctoral candidates can learn from your experience. If you prefer to not be video-recorded, we would still like to ‘save’ your experience in one way or another, perhaps just by making the audio available or having a written summary of what you talk about.

If you need inspiration about what to talk about you can check out the Include-U project page that has news articles and interesting information about the experiences of internationals in the Netherlands. And you can also check the results of Include-U’s research about the ‘Factors that facilitate and limit inclusion of international doctoral candidates at the University of Twente’.