Jan Hofste, Treasurer 2017

Best memories in the networkMy best memories would be watching an event you organized with others going as planned and to hear afterwards that people liked it. To quote Hannibal Smith: 'I love it when a plan comes together!'

Experience as a P-NUT board member

"My experience with P-NUT over the two years was that it was useful and fun. Useful in the sense that I’ve gathered experience in how a volunteer-based network, like P-NUT is run. I have learned how to arrange and build up things with other people: events, sources of information for other PhDs, etc. I got to connect with so many other PhDs that work on all sorts of scientific areas. This is useful since it can place your own research, problems, or solutions in a broader perspective. Another thing that was useful was that as a representative for PhDs you get to talk to the various institutions within the UT. You learn how the machinery works and how different institutions relate to each other. But also how difficult it can be (sometimes) to change things. Besides useful it was also fun: skating, karaoke, dining, drinking with peers are things that are always welcome."

A message to the P-NUT community

"Keep connecting with other scientists, such as other PhDs, from all sorts of research areas and discuss all sorts of topics, scientific and non-scientific. You are supposed to be an expert in your own niche of science when you finish, but as a Doctor of Philosophy you should also be able to grasp, or at least have some clue, of the bigger picture."