My experience in PNUT Board

Jan Hofste, Treasurer 2017

The busiest times!The busiest times as treasurer is during the (preparation of) the PhD-day and during the day membership fee has to be collected. Although the latter depends on how up-to-date the membership list is

Apart from the Ph.D. day and the membership fee collection, the time required for treasurer is about 2-3 hours per week. If you systematically keep track of all the invoices, bills, and other transactions being treasurer is not that difficult. It’s convenient to define some sort of average budget for every event. This budget you base on the year budget from the GMM.

P-NUT has its own OFI account. This is an account (managed by the university) to and from which UT organizations like Sodexo, Human Resources, Vrijhof Cultuur, send or retrieve money to us. It’s good to regularly ask the UT financial department for an account overview (4 times per year or so) so you can keep track of this as well. You have to do this because the overview given by us from the financial department is not that clear. Once per year we as P-NUT have to pay the deficit on our OFI account from the last calendar year to the university.