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PhD Day 2013 - Scientific Integrity

We kindly invite all PhDs to join for a CONSTRUCTIVE day on SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY on the 3rd of October in the AMPHITHEATER starting 13.30 and for a fun and entertaining evening program.

After four keynote speeches, and several nice talks by your fellow PhDs, you might be hungry. That’s why we have arranged a great evening program in Forum (near the train station). Dinner is on us, and then be prepared for a spectacular ScienceQuiz tailored specifically for PhDs. Your vocal talents will also be tested during a late karaoke.

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The topic of SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY has attracted a lot of attention over the past years and its importance in academia has been long debated.

RESEARCH is not all about the QUEST for answers and the INVESTIGATION of responses, it is also about the process of coming to answers, about the STEPS one has to follow in order to reach the optimum SOLUTION. Not ACKNOWLEDGING the work of others has major REPERCUSSIONS on a SCIENTIST’s future career. It is imperative to develop this key yet normally overlooked skill in the early stages of a research CAREER.

P-NUT is organizing the annual PHD DAY at the University of Twente to raise awareness among PhDs on the CONSEQUENCES of PLAGIARISM, on the HONESTY and FAIRNESS in performing and REPORTING research as well as on PROFICIENCY and FAIRNESS in peer review.

We have invited four top researchers in the field to share with YOU the secrets on PROTECTION against INTELLECTUAL theft, COLLEGIALITY in SCIENTIFIC interactions and HONESTY in SCIENCE.

In addition YOU will have the chance to share the IMPORTANCE of COLLABORATION for their research and by giving a short talk.

What is YOUR experience with the absence of INTEGRITY? How did you deal with it? Was there ever an UNKNOWN author on your paper? No? What would you do if this would happen to you? What CONTRIBUTION must one have to be on your paper? Who decides what an APPRECIABLE contribution to a paper or project is? How do you ACKNOWLEDGE the WORK of others? How ACCURATE is your DATA? How important is communication in your collaborations? Has your project suffered from time delays due to miscommunication with a collaborator? How has collaboration being beneficial to your research? Has it led directly to publications or presentations at international conferences? Has the collaboration allowed you to gain experience in other facets of your subject area? Do you think these collaborations improve you and your approach to research? Or do you see them as a hindrance towards the completion of your project or reaching your project goals? Have the collaborations provided you with a new skill set to help in your approach to problem solving in your primary discipline?

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you up for sharing your experience with others and let them learn from your practice? Then send an email to! A professional pitch trainer will help you prepare a 2-3 minute talk and guide you through the necessary steps.

P-NUT acknowledges the support of this event by MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, CTIT Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, IGS Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies, PNN Promovendi Netwerk Nederland, MIRA Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine and TGS Twente Graduate School.

PHD DAY 2013 Program

13.20 Opening and welcome

13.40 Talk by Jelte Wicherts (Tilburg University)

14.15 Talk by Henk van der Kolk (University of Twente)

14.50 Coffee break

15.20 P-NUT

15.40 Talk by Kees Aarts (University of Twente)

16.15 Talk by Peter Paul Verbeek (University of Twente)

17.00 Borrel

18.00 Dinner

19.00 Evening program