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Newsletter #09 – September 2015

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oPhD Day 2015: Academia vs. Industry

oLast Minute Optional Model Lunch Meeting

oMovie Evening

oP-NUT @ De Vluchte

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PhD Day 2015: Academia vs. Industry

Thursday, 15th of October 2015 – 9:30 - 22:00 – Vrijhof

We are proud to announce our annual PhD day on Thursday 15th of October! For this year, the theme is “Academia vs. Industry”. PhD candidates are often overwhelmed by the possibilities of future career paths. The choice between industry and academia is easy for some, while incredibly fraught for others. In addition, PhDs are often unaware of ‘alternative’ and non-traditional career options, such as starting as an entrepreneur or working for a governmental agency. During this edition of our PhD day, we therefore want to present the participants with a variety of career opportunities and to better equip them towards achieving their desired position. Therefore we invited many interesting speakers and offer free workshops preparing you for the future!


Date: Thursday, 15th of October 2015

Time: 9:30 - 22:00

Venue: Vrijhof (Dinner @ De Kater)

Last Minute Optional Model Lunch Meeting

Tuesday, 15th of September 2015 – 12:30 - 13:30 – Ravelijn, RA 1501

Did you hear about the benefits of the Optional Model for UT employees? As a PhD candidate, you can still apply online for a tax-free allowance via the optional model in 2015. Hurry up – the deadline for filling in the model is September 30th!!!

If you are interested in obtaining the benefits that the Optional Model brings, but you are still not sure how to use it for your advantage, we have organized a Late Optional Model Lunch Meeting for you. Let us tell you about your options, so you can make the best out of your unused holidays and pay less tax. You can buy a bicycle or some extra holiday hours, obtain a refund on your commuting costs or trade unused holidays for some extra money.

During the lunch meeting HR personnel on the Optional Model will go through the web application, explaining each step and its significance.

After the presentation, the HR employee can answer individual questions about filling in your form. You can bring your laptop and fill in your model on the spot and ask any question you have specifically about your form.

Hope to see you there!


Date: Tuesday, 15th of September 2015

Time: 12:30 - 13:30

Venue: Ravelijn, RA 1501


Registration deadline: Friday, 11th of September 2015 (18:00)

Movie Evening

Friday, 11th of September 2015 – 19:30 & 21:15 – Vestingbar (theatre)

P-NUT presents together with Indian Students’ Association the movie evening “West meets East”. We will present two movies at the Vestingbar!

First, at 19:30, the movie “Darjeeling Limited” will be screened followed by the movie “Argo” at 21:15. Do not miss the opportunity to watch these two films with ISA and PNUT!


Date: Friday, 11th of September 2015

Time: 19:30 (Darjeeling Limited), 21:15 (Argo)

Venue: Vestingbar (theatre)


Registration deadline: Thursday, 10th of September 2015 (18:00)

P-NUT @ De Vluchte

Friday, 25th of September 2015 – 22:00 onwards – De Vluchte

Had a busy month? Relax a bit with P-NUT @ De Vluchte, a favorite among the PhDs! Come and enjoy a wide choice of beers, ready to be picked up in their famous walk-in fridge! Enjoy your time there with a game of billiards, darts, kegelen or simply by having fun with your friends!

Meet with your fellow PhDs, share funny stories and enjoy the evening! :)


Date: Friday, 25th of September 2015

Time: 22:00 onwards

Venue: De Vluchte (Oldenzaalsestraat 153a, Enschede)

Registration: None

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