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Newsletter July 2013

July 2013
Newsletter #7 - July 2013

July Events:
  • P-NUT Get-together - FRIDAY, July 5th, 17:30 Blomzaal, Faculty Club
  • P-NUT Summer BBQ - Thursday, July 12th, 17:30, Vestingbar
  • P-NUT @ De Vluchte - Friday, July 26th, 21:00 De Vluchte

  • External event: Online Database Research Professional -  Live Broadcast: July 23rd
P-NUT get-together - Friday July 5th, 17:30 Blomzaal, Faculty Club

It's FRIDAY!! Join us Celebrate the Sunny Weekend! Drinks on the balcony!

Meet us in Faculty Club for some free drinks and snacks. As we hope the weather would be nice this Friday, meet us on the balcony for some intellectual socialization and sun-bathing.


Date: Friday, July 5th
Time: 17:30
Venue: Blomzaal Faculty Club (Building 42)
No registration is required
P-NUT Summer BBQ - Friday, July 12th, 17:30, Vestingbar

Do you want to stay a bit more in the campus and enjoy the sunny weather? If so, P-NUT is organizing an amazing barbecue with tasty food and fresh drinks. Bring your friends and office mates for a chill-out afternoon, just before the weekend starts. On the 12th of July meet us at the Vesting bar, from 17h30.

Don't forget to register!

Date: Friday, July 12th
Time: 17:30
Venue: Vestingbar
P-NUT @ De Vluchte - Friday, July 26th, 21:00 De Vluchte

After a great Bar-hopping night last month, let's revisit our favorite bar de Vluchte. We invite you to chill out with 25% off for beers and challenge you to a game of Pool, Darts or even Kegelen! Join us sharing funny stories from all over the month with your fellow PhD friends.


Date: Friday, July 26th
Time: 21:00 onwards
Venue: De Vluchte (Oldenzaalsestraat 153A, 7523AA Enschede)
Register: No registration required!
External: Online Database Research Professional - July 23rd, 2013

The University has a trial subscription for the online database Research Professional, which is a valuable resource for finding information on very diverse funding opportunities. It is useful not only for experienced researchers but also for PhD students and/or Post-docs, and the identified funds can be for a range of causes (i.e. summerschool, fellowships, exchanges, facility sharing, travel costs etc.).
Research Professional is a comprehensive search engine for international funding opportunities. The database features an easy-to-use interface and powerful searching and customization tools designed to assist you in your search for funding.

All members of the UT can access Research Professional using the campus network. As there is an overwhelming amount of information, it is strongly advised that you make your own profile.
The database:         

More information: (intranet) (internet)

And there is a monthly live training (next broadcast: July 23, 2013)

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