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Newsletter May 2013

May 2013
Newsletter #5 - May 2013

May Events:
  • TODAY: P-NUT get-together - Thursday, May 2nd, 17:00 Blomzaal, Faculty Club
  • Patend and beyond Lunch Meeting - Friday, May 17th, 12:15 - 13:30, Carré 3A
  • Grolsch Brewery Tour - Thursday, May 23rd, 16:15
  • P-NUT @ De Vluchte - Friday, April 31st, 21:00 De Vluchte

  • External Event: BCF Career Event – 30th of May 2013
P-NUT get-together - Thursday, May 2nd, 17:00 Blomzaal, Faculty Club

Thursday is the New Friday!

Why not begin the month with a positive outlook? Do you want to find yourself in an enjoyable environment and detach from work?
Then this is the place for you. Join us for the monthly Get-Together in the Faculty Club to mingle with fellow PhDs in a cosy and friendly ambiance. After this you will even find Fridays to be more enjoyable and productive when you are working.

Date: Thursday, May 2nd - Today!
Time: 17:00
Venue: Blomzaal Faculty Club (Building 42)
No registration is required

Patend and beyond Lunch Meeting - Friday, May 17th, 12:15 - 13:30, Carré 3A

Patent and beyond - how to commercialize your scientific results?

How to commercialize your results and attract companies or even start-up your very own!

The 3 main steps in commercializing:
  1. Research: How will this project advance the field? How are my results meaningful?
  2. Tech transfer: Can this innovation be patented? Does this invention have licensing or startup potential?
  3. Commercialization: How, where, and when can we introduce this invention to the market? Who is our target audience and how do we reach them?

We have invited a patent specialist, Dr. ir. Roy Kolkman, and Kees Eijkel, director of "kennispark", specializing in spin-off companies to explain how to commercialize your scientific results.


Date: Friday, May 17th
Time: 12:15 - 13:30
Venue: Carré 3A

Grolsch Brewery Tour - Thursday, May 23rd, 16:15

Interested in the behind-the-scenes story of our local beer Grolsch? Join us for a tour of the Grolsch Brewery!
The Grolsch Brewery Tour covers everything: Grolsch's rich history, craftsmanship and the brewing and bottling processes. And naturally, you will have plenty of opportunities to sample all the Grolsch beer brands. So for a fun and informative day out, why not book a place on the Grolsch Brewery Tour?

We will leave together by bike at 16:15 from the O&O Plein at the University of Twente. You can also of course join us directly at the Grolsch Brewery. The tour will start at 17:00 and last until 19:30.

Registration deadline: Wednesday, May 15th. Number of places limited!

Date: Thursday, May 23rd
Time: 16:15 - Starting to cycle together from the UT / 17:00-19:30 - Tour of the brewery
Meeting Point: O&O Plein, University of Twente
Price: member €5,00 / non-member €12,50

P-NUT @ De Vluchte - Friday, May 31st, 21:00 De Vluchte

Had a busy month? Relax abit with P-NUT @ DeVluchte.  We invite you to chill out with 25% off for beers and challenge you to a game of Pool, Darts or even Kegelen! Join us sharing funny stories from all over the month with your fellow PhD friends.

Date: Friday, May 31st
Time: 21:00 onwards
Venue: De Vluchte (Oldenzaalsestraat 153A, 7523AA Enschede)
Register: No registration required!

External Event: BCF Career Event – 30th of May 2013

Meet relevant employers and promote your research during BCF Career Event – 30th of May 2013

Are you almost finished with your PhD and looking for a job? Do you want to know more about the current labour market? Visit BCF Career Event, the largest career event for Bio, Chemistry, Food and Pharma, on May 30th in Amsterdam RAI.  Participate in the program with presentations, workshops and talk to a career coach about your career. This year there is also the possibility to promote your research and win a poster price on the Academic Expo. This Expo, which will be part of BCF Career Event, is organized in collaboration with AcademicTransfer. For more information, visit

As a member of P-nut you receive free entrance as a visitor. To receive free entrance please fill in the following promotion code on the registration form: PNUT013 Register now on

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