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Newsletter October 2012

October 2012

Newsletter  # 10 – October 2012



September Events:



- Get-Together @ Faculty Club - Oct 4th@ 17:30
- PhDay 2012 @  Amphitheater, Vrijhof and Evening program at Forum (formerly MAC Berlijn), Oct 11th
- P-NUT @ Forum (formerly MAC Berlijn), Oct 26th @ 21:00



Get-Together @ Faculty Club – October 4th, 17:30

Start the new season at university on a social note...meeting and chatting with fellow PhDs in the University over snacks and drinks (provided by P-Nut). You will also hear everything about the PhD Day and other upcoming activities of P-NUT and how you can be a part of it. You can also use this opportunity to know what is coming soon, and join our Connect Team to organize it!

Date: Thursday, October 4th
Time: 17:30
Venue: Blomzaal Faculty Club (Building 42) 
No registration is required

PhDay 2012 @  Amphitheater, Vrijhof and Evening program at Forum (formerly MAC Berlijn), Oct 11th

Your PhD will represent four years of academic work. You already invested a lot of time and energy, talked with colleagues, presented on a conference, and perhaps published some papers. But have you ever noticed how difficult it is to properly explain what you have been doing to people outside your own academic bubble? Do you succeed in this without simplifying your work to dull truisms?

P-NUT organizes a PhD Day on the public understanding of science, because we believe it is important that scientists can reach a wide audience. We invite speakers to talk about why scientists should share their findings with a general audience, and how they should do this.

We even trained some PhDs who dare to share their research to you, in just three minutes!

13.20 - Opening and welcome
13.40 - Talk by Peter-Paul Verbeek* (President of the Young Academy, professor UT)
14.15 - Talk by Jos Benschop (VP ASML / professor UT)

14.50 - Coffee break
15.20 - P-NUT
15.40 - Talk by Vinod Subramaniam (director MIRA / professor UT)
16.15 - Talk by Ariana Need (professor UT)
17.00 – Borrel
18.00 – Dinner
19.00 – Evening program

PhDay 2012 registration form

Date: October 11th                                                                                         
Venue: Amphitheater in the Vrijhof
Dinner and Evening
program: Forum (near the trainstation). Dinner is on us!

Register here:

* Note: This is a change in the original program

P-NUT @ Forum (formerly MAC Berlijn)- October 24th, 21:00



Join us for the wonderful P-NUT @ Forum, the perfect stage for chilling out with a beer or Cocktail sharing funny stories from all over the month with your fellow PhD friends.

When: October 26
Time: 21:00
Where: Forum (formerly MAC Berlijn - Stationsplein 1, 7511 JD Enschede)
No registration required


Campus Tip of the month

Every Wednesday a group is playing a friendly game of volleyball in the Sports Centre. You're invited to join them! Just show up at 16:30 and play. You can join on a weekly basis, or just once in a while.

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