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Newsletter September 2011

September 2011

Newsletter  # 9 – September 2011

September Events:

  • P-NUT Get-together - September 1st, 17:30
  • PhDay 2011 - September 16th, 16:00
  • Reminder on Visa survey

P-NUT Get-together –  September 1st, 17:30 @ Faculty Club

This is our monthly get-together where you can meet your fellow PhDs from all the departments in UT. Drinks are on us!

Date: September 1st, 2011 (Thursday)

Time: 17:30
Venue: Bloomzaal Faculty Club (Building 42)
No registration is required

PhDay 2011 - September 16th, 16:00

Mark your calendar for the most important networking event of the year in your PhD term for the year 2011!

You are cordially invited by P-NUT in the afternoon of Friday, September 16th for a short talk and informal borrel with the Rector Magnificus, Prof.Dr.Ed Brinksma of UT.  Prof. Dr. Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT ICT Labs will address the students during the afternoon program. In the evening we are inviting you to join a Salsa Workshop and the first official P-NUT Party in the Vestingbar. Be sure you do not miss this event!

The program is as follows, details can also be found at

16:00 Opening (Oosthorst OH218)

16:10 Keynote I by Prof. Dr. Willem Jonker CEO of EIT ICT Labs
16:40 Keynote II by Prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma Rector Magnificus
17:10 Drinks and possibility of informal chat with the rector
18:30 Dinner (Vestingbar)
20:00 Salsa workshop by Salsa Magistral
20:30 Opening of the Cocktailbar
20:45 Party!

Date: September 16th , 2011 (Friday)
Time: 16:00
Venue: OH218
Registration at:

Reminder on VISA survey:

In the last newsletter we asked you to provide us feedback concerning VISA issues when traveling abroad. If you have not already done so and wish to contribute there is still the change. We very much appreciate your feedback!

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