Newsletters 2008

Newsletter May 2008

P-NUT Newsletter - May 2008

Dear PhD,

By means of this newsletter we want to inform you about the following topics:

[ANNOUNCEMENT: Lunch meeting on 'Working conditions']
[Sign up for outdoor soccer tournament May 26th]
[Cultural Trip: Kroller Moller]

[Lunch meeting on Career Opportunities]
On Tuesday May 13th, we organize a lunch meeting about Working Conditions. We will present the results of the survey performed about this topic. According to the request from PhDs, information brochures on ARBO for workspaces will be available in Dutch and English. delegates from the Personnel Department (PA&O) and from ARBO (Working conditions) will be present to participate in the discussion and to answer your questions. Lunch will be arranged for you after registration at

[Sign up for outdoor soccer tournament May 26th]

Do you like playing soccer with some friends? Monday 26th of May there is a small soccer tournament on one of the fields next to the UT sports centre. It is organized by the indoor soccer team of the UT kring to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The tournament starts at 15.00 h. A team consists of 5 field players and 2 reserve players (registration is EUR 25,- per team). At 18.30 h there will be a barbecue (EUR 7,50 per person). There is still room for one or two teams. If you like to join the tournament please contact Maarten Rutten ( The deadline for registration is 16th of May. To sign up a team you need at least 5 people. If you can't find enough colleagues to make a team, you can also sign up individually, the organizing committee will then look if it possible to construct a separate team.

[Cultural Trip: Kroller Muller Museum]
We are organizing a day trip to the Kroller Muller on June 15th. Information in Dutch and English at: P-NUT will take care of the transportation. More information about the registration will follow later. 

Kind regards,

Board of the PhD Network University of Twente