Newsletters 2007

Newsletter September 2007

P-NUT Newsletter - September 2007

Dear PhD,

After a holiday break the P-NUT board is happy to provide you with the first newsletter of this new season.

By means of this newsletter we want to inform you about the following topics:

[Printing companies market]
[Pakistani Event]
[Theme Lunch]
[P-NUT General: YOUR input]
[Check list]
[PNN Update]

[Printing companies market]
Since last year’s printing-companies market was a success, P-NUT decided to make this event an annual one. Like in 2006, a few printing companies present themselves, but also a non-commercial presentation is given by one of the companies. Aim of this presentation is to inform PhD’s about what they should think of before starting to write their thesis. Especially this part was very well appreciated last year since it appeared that there are much more things that a PhD could do in advance to improve the process of writing/printing a thesis than most PhD’s expected. Although not yet confirmed, the expected date of this event is November 15. More information will come. See you there!

[Pakistani Event]
The Pakistani Students Association at the University of Twente, in collaboration with P-NUT, the Faculty Club Foundation and the International Office is organizing a Nationality Presentation event on the 10th of September 2007. This event includes a multimedia Nationality presentation followed by a dinner of Pakistani delicacies.

We would like to invite you for this event. Persons, who would like to join this event, should send an email before the 6th of September 2007 to for registration. The entrance fee for the event is only € 2,00 per person, which will be collected at the entrance.

We look forward to see you on the 10th of September.

[Theme Lunch]
The next theme lunch will be held on Tuesday 16th of October. More information will follow.

[P-NUT General: YOUR input]
P-NUT would like to know from you, what you think could be topics that P-NUT should deal with during the coming year. Are there topics of which you think that they are not well enough discussed within the UT (community), please let us know @

Have a look at the following links:

Everything about dpi (dots per inch)

PhD Workshop on Consultancy

[PNN Update]
Below you find a summary of the PNN meeting of June 8th 2007.

PNN (PhD Network Netherlands) is the national PhD network to which PhD networks from all Dutch universities are connected. 5-6 times a year there is a meeting in Utrecht in which important national and international PhD issues are discussed. The PNN board is in direct contact with representatives of the national government.All separate PhD networks are sending 1 or 2 representatives in order to participate in the discussions and to bring up PhD issues of their own PhD network. There will also be talked about the organization of e.g. social events or how to make a good PhD introduction guide.The topics below are discussed in de last PNN meeting:

“Bursalen stelsel” (= considering the PhD candidate not as an employee , but as student with a scholarship)

2 PNN board members had a meeting with Mr. Plasterk, minister of OCW (= Education, Culture and Health). They discussed the consequences of the “bursalen stelsel” for PhDs. The minister will take these consequences seriously when decisions have to be made.

Apparently there are 2 committees at the ministry of OWC which are making an inventory of the “bursalen stelsel”. One committee is looking at the changes that have to be made by law in order to introduce the “bursalen stelsel”. The other committee is “fact-finding” on the subject of the “bursalen stelsel”. PNN found this out while talking to the minister and was wondering why they were not invited to be a part of the committee. Now PNN is going to take a look at the reports. If PNN is not satisfied about the contents, they are making their own report.

Furthermore, PNN is talking with people from the Lower House in order to bring the “bursalen stelsel” under their attention. PNN talked already with the CU, SP and PVV. The CDA, PvdA and D66 will be visited soon.

The VSNU (Dutch University Association) is inclining more towards introducing the “busalen stelsel”. Fitting the finances is the problem. It is more expensive to hire a person in The Netherlands, than what universities will get from European financial support. So universities have to fill this gap their selves. PNN will try to think of a solution together with VSNU for matching the money from the European funding and the universities. This matching is necessary to protect the PhD salary.

The rectors of all Dutch universities are also discussing the “bursalen stelsel” together. PNN was present. Maastricht, Groningen en Leiden are in favor of the “bursalen stelsel”, the TUs, Nijmegen and Wageningen are against it and the rest is neutral.

Labor Union ABVAKABO is also involved in the “bursalen stelsel”. They are fighting for PhDs rights.

What is going on in the separate PhD networks in The Netherlands

Grasp! (Groningen where the “bursalen stelsel” has already been introduced): Arranged for PhDs with children an allowance for day-care. Unfortunately this allowance is not as much as other PhDs from universities where they are considered as employees.

PromoVE (Eindhoven): Is trying to arrange more time points at which PhDs are able to have their promotion. They are also putting information about printing the thesis on their website in stead of organizing a market.

UvA (Amsterdam): Is organizing a PhD-day and printing companies market, many people responded

PROMOOD (Delft): At the Architecture Faculty, PhD candidates have to give a presentation at the end of the first year in order to “earn” a contract for the next 3 years. Some PhD candidates can give the presentation only 3 weeks after the first year ended. This is not right by law, so PROMOOD is fighting for this right.

The PNN board is making a new policy every 2 years. Therefore they will evaluate 2006 and 2007 and write a report about these years. In September there will be a brainstorm together with PhD networks from all Dutch universities about the policy for the next 2 years. In December, the final plan will be presented in the PNN meeting..

Kind regards,

the P-NUT board