Newsletters 2007

Newsletter June 2007

P-NUT Newsletter - June 2007

Dear PhD,

By means of this newsletter we want to inform you about the following topics:

[BBQ on the 26th of June]
[Chaniging of the P-NUT board]
[International Event: Report of the Turkish event]
[Meeting with University Board: your input]

[BBQ on 26th June]
The summer is due to arrive in Enschede! This implies several things in the life of a PhD candidate: the workspace increasingly resembles a sauna, the sun sets later in the evening and probably your summer leave is approaching rapidly!
To get in the mood *and* to celebrate its board change, the PhD association P-NUT organizes her annual BBQ at the closing of the academic year on Tuesday 26th of June in the Faculty Club. If the weather is good (which we expect) the party will be on the terrace, but if the scarce rain storm chooses that day to strike, the party will be inside.
The registration fee is only €7,00 and for that fee you will receive a full meal and some drinks. For vegetarians there will be a separate grill with vegetarian snacks. Please let us know in advance if you want to make use of this.
If you are interested in joining us on the 26th of June from 1700 hours at the BBQ with your fellow PhD candidates, please register before the 20th of June by sending an email to .

See you on the 26th!

[Changing of the P-NUT Board]
As per the 26th of June, 4 people will leave the board of our PhD
association. Fortunately, also 4 enthusiastic new PhDs have been found
to continue the work that P-NUT is doing, so that there is a complete
board consisting of:
        - Maryana Escalante Marun (new, Internationalization)
        - Michel Franken (new, Activities).
        - Nicolas Hildenbrand (new, PhD affairs)
        - Daan Kockmann (staying, Communication&Website).
        - Marije Telgenkamp (new, Employment conditions)

There have been quite some changes in the last year: we moved to the
Blomzaal of the Faculty Club for most of our activities and gave a lot
of attention to the large group of non-Dutch PhDs, by organizing
International Events together with the Chinese, Indian and Turkish
organizations and the Faculty Club. Next to these social activities
there have been several theme-lunches to inform you about the PhD
program, Internationalization and Employment conditions. Furthermore we
had several meetings with the Management Board and the personnel
department to serve your interests. Of course we are happy with the new
board members and we wish them good luck in the coming year.

To celebrate the board change, please come to the BBQ at the 26th! This
is a nice opportunity to meet the leaving and the new board members and
of course all the other PhDs of the UT.

[International Event: Report of the Turkish event]
On the 9th of June the Turkish Students Association at University of Twente (TUSAT) in collaboration with the Faculty Club and P-NUT organized an splendid Turkish Cultural Night. The event started around 17:00 in Atrium (Bastille Building) with a Turkish folk dancers show with traditional clothes and instruments. At 18:30 after the welcome speeches from Prof. Dave Blank (Faculty Club President and Scientific Program Director from MESA+), Hassan Sözer (TUSAT chairman) and Hidayet Eris, General Consul of Republic of Turkey in Deventer; the attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner with specialties from different regions of Turkey. It was also possible to enjoy the Turkish national drink “Raki” and Turkish coffee followed fortune telling from the coffee cup.

[Meeting with University Board: your input]
P-NUT will have a meeting with the University Board on the 19th of June.

The following points will be discussed:

-Doctoral regulations: the regulations were changed per February 2007 and we would like to discuss the reasons.

-Quality of PhD at UT: importance of the Training and Supervision Plan and the yearly assessments for PhD candidates.

-PhD employment conditions: what is the standpoint of the UT in the national discussion in considering PhDs student instead of employee.

-Career opportunities: what possibilities are there for PhDs at the UT to do career development and would combining a PHD and MBA be a good option?

If you think that we should discuss about a certain topic with them, please let us know by sending an email to

Kind regards,

the P-NUT board

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