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Short Research Course on Urban Transitions

Short Research Course on Urban Transitions

The Transition Academy, the next-generation academic initiative of DRIFT, invites you to a 2-day research course of intense knowledge building and great debates. In this course our action researchers and experts on Transition Management will facilitate in-depth conversations about the forces shaping our cities and interactive sessions to experience and learn designing co-creation processes that tap and reroute such forces for sustainable and resilient futures.

In this course we invite PhD candidates and junior researchers to apply and be part of our intensive programme. We will take a closer look on the transition dynamics in cities: how to examine and understand on-going processes by bringing together driving forces and have a ‘hold on’ those who we conceptualise as transition frontrunners.

In this 2-day seminar we offer:

– an interactive intense knowl\edge building process in which experts on Transition Management work with you on a real-time transition management process

– a reader on Transition Management for Cities tailored for post-graduates (Master of Science, PhD) and urban planning practitioners that search for new ways to strategic environmental planning and governance

– a lecture on fitness of Transition Management as a transdisciplinary method and approach to your research problem and context

– an opportunity to visit transition experiments in the city of Rotterdam and get a grasp on what can be the follow-ups of Transition Management processes that deal and experiment with sustainability in the city.

For more information, please visit this link.