News 2014

Thesis Printing Market 2014



During the opening presentation of our Thesis Printing Market, presenting company Gildeprint announced a lottery for a large discount. The winner, receiving a 25% discount on printing his dissertation at Gildeprint, is:


R.J. Doll


The winner can contact the P-NUT board to claim his prize!



Ipskamp Drukkers


Generally you will write a thesis only once in your life.

So for that one special time choose that one specialized printer: Ipskamp Drukkers


The specialist in the field of thesis printing

Located nearby in Enschede !


We offer all members of P-NUT 5% discount

(Please mention it during quotation request).


Personal service, unique (full-colour) possibilities and the highest quality at a sharp price is what Ipskamp Drukkers stands for.

Our 1.000 different theses a year prove this statement.


Contact us for more information or to arrange a meeting:

Josink Maatweg 43

7545 PS Enschede

Tel: 053-4826262




CPI Royal Wöhrmann


CPI Royal Wöhrmann is a specialist in making your doctoral thesis. We offer products of high quality against low pricing. Our process is both fast and easy; we can deliver your printed books about 10 working days after you send us the files. For more information on our thesis printing process, please visit us at



Amsterdam University Press


Amsterdam University Press offers doctoral students from all universities a tailor-made dissertation service. AUP has more than twenty years of experience in the production and sale of scholarly publications, and has grown to be the largest university press in mainland Europe. Drawing on our excellent network of high-quality printers, designers, editors and business partners, AUP offers a range of services. You can choose to have your dissertation designed or printed, or both. A unique and extra service that AUP offers is making your dissertation available for sale, and distributing metadata to scientists and librarians all over the world. With this option your dissertation has high visibility and can play a more prominent role in scientific research on the topic. Other additional services are language editing and translation.

See for more information:





Transform your manuscript fast and easy into a professionally designed and printed thesis. Go to our website and select your own preferred layout. We will design your thesis based on your wishes. The only thing you have to do is sit back and relax and we make sure everything is arranged for you.


We now have a special offer:

If you apply for a quote before the 1st of July,
you get a FREE COVER DESIGN with a value of €100,