Thursday, 29th January 2015, 17:00

Carre 3D, UT Campus

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On Thursday 29th January, P-NUT organizes the General Members Meeting. With P-NUT being a member-driven organization, this is your opportunity to have your say. Our annual report over 2014 will be presented, and plans for 2015 will be discussed.

A new President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be elected. Following our statutes, the Board of P-NUT will announce one candidate for each position, but every person that is supported by enough members can become a candidate for one of those positions. Should you be interested to run for one of the open positions, please contact the resigning President, Jonathan Barreaux (, for more information.

The Agenda for the GMM 2015 is available here.

The Minutes from the GMM 2014 are available here.

The Annual Report 2014 is available here.

Join us and have your say!

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Sarah Janus, Faculty MB


Wouter van Heeswijk, Faculty MB


Imke Lammers, Faculty BMC




Elected during the GMM


Main tasks:

-Keeps track of P-NUT policies.

-Responsible for consistency in communication.

-Chairs P-NUT board meetings.

-Oversees board recruitment.


Main tasks:

-Ownership of accounts.

-Keeps track of receipts, pays invoices.

-Makes budget and financial reports.


Main tasks:

-Handles P-NUT membership Databases.

-Ownership of paper forms.

-Organizes meetings with university bodies/organizations.

-Handles emails/mailing lists.

Elected internally by the Board

 Connect Manager/Officer/VP

Main tasks:

-Organizes social events for PhDs.

-Organizes lunch meetings for PhDs to inform them on different topics (housing, employment conditions, etc).

-Fills in activities reports for the events (costs, number of attendees, etc).

Inform Manager/Officer/VP

Main tasks:

-Informs PhDs about P-NUT events (website, FB, Twitter, etc).

-Sends monthly newsletter.

-Manages website content.

Represent Manager/Officer/VP

Main tasks:

-Represents P-NUT at the meetings with TGS, PhD Council, Rector, Human Resources, PNN, etc.

-Organizes seminars/workshops to connect the PhDs with the university body representatives.

-Keeps the P-NUT board updates with respect to the political developments of TGS.