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Printing Companies Market 2006

Printing companies market

On Friday the 13th of October 2006, P-NUT organized a printing companies
market where the PhDs could meet the different printing companies and
compare their work and prices. The following printing companies were present during this market:

Gildeprint Drukkerijen

Drukkerij Haveka

Printpartners Ipskamp

Drukkerij Te Sligte

Drukkerij VDA-groep

Wöhrmann Print Service

The afternoon started with a presentation by one of the printing
companies on how to prepare your work and the do’s and don’ts of
printing your thesis. After the presentation there was a printing market
where the printing companies presented their work and PhDs could ask
questions while enjoying drinks and snacks.

The presentation can be found on the following link.

The printing companies market was a big success. About 70 PhDs attended
the event and both the PhDs and the printing companies where very
enthusiastic about the market. Hopefully, we can organize another market
next year.

About the costs of printing your doctoral thesis: "The costs of printing
the doctoral thesis will be reimbursed. The amount to be taken into
account for printing the doctoral thesis is € 1,400. These costs are
financed at chair group level." This information can be found on: