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Your message on the campus?

The Traffic department manages all of the communication messages you may come across on campus, such as those displayed on the LED-walls at the campus entrance, on various banners, on information boards and on the Bannergear. Would you like to see your message conveyed via one of these media? Read more about the options and the costs below. Alternatively, use the order form to make an immediate request.


On the campus of the University of Twente there are two large led-walls. You have the option of displaying your event or message on these screens, though this will, depend on availability and on the content of your message.

There are no costs involved, but only for the design you pay about € 50,- .  If you supply a design yourself, then you must take into account that we will check to see whether it complies with the applicable conditions and with the UT's house style.

Request the display of your message on the LED screen by using our order form.

Spiegel building banner

Want to advertise your event on the front of the Spiegel building? Contact the Traffic department for information about availability, options and costs.

Information boards

There are three information boards on the campus. Both sides of the boards can be used.
The cost is € 160 per board for use of both sides. Contact the Traffic department for information about availability and options for layout.

Where are these communication media?

See the map of the campus for the communication media locations.

New message?

If you would like to request the display of a completely new communication message on the campus, read more about the criteria and options here.