SBE- Institute of Engineering has its graduate programme in the Twente Graduate School. Top talented MSc’s can continue with their PhD research or PDEng technological design programme.  The graduate programme educates students to become researchers in fields of expertise for which high quality research is carried out at the UT.

Msc programs

In the framework of their education, MSc students contribute to the research through their assignments. These are mostly related to PhD and PDeng projects and/or industry, with the objective to implement research results for a particular company. Read more about our master programs. 

PDEng programs

The PDEng programmes combine academic research in an industrial context with taught modules in a range of related subjects. A challenging and innovative technological design project, defined by and carried out at the client, is the focal point of the programme. SBE-Institute of Engineering supports four UT-based PDEng programmes, i.e. Civil Engineering, Energy and Process Technology, Maintenance and Robotics. The PDEng programmes provide a unique stepping stone for new collaborations with both large industries and SME’s.

PhD programs

The PhD programmes are typically 4-year post-Master programmes with a strong focus on in-depth academic research. In general industry is one of the involved partners in the PhD projects, hence societal relevance is secured. The research topics are closely related to the research carried out in the SBE-Institute of Engineering research chairs.