Shaping2030 strategy working groups are on track

Shaping 2030 is entering a new phase. We are currently finalizing the draft mission and vision for 2030. Related to this, the four strategy workingroups are currently translating the ambitions of the UT into concrete assignments for 2022. These four groups contain approximately 30 colleagues, mostly coming from the faculties. They discussed their findings with the Executive Board for the second time last week and are now finalizing the recommendations they received during the meeting with the Board. The groups will hand in their plans to the Executive Board on 20 September.

Meanwhile, a writing team has been set up, consisting of Mark van Vuuren as the lead author and coordinator of the writing team with the following members: Pascal Wilhelm (ITC, Atlas), Sander Lotze (S&P), Herman Offerhaus (TNW), Severine le Gac (EWI / MESA +) and Marloes Letteboer (S&B).

The plans of the working groups serve as input and inspiration for the writing team to work out our new strategy for 2022. On 23, 24, and 25 September the writing team will be working on this. This process is followed by discussions in various bodies in October, like the Strategic Council, the University Research and Education committees, University Operational Management committee, the University innovation committee and of course the University Council and Supervisory Board.

Find here the powerpoints of the four strategic working groups as an outline of their ideas.

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