Living Smart Campus



The Executive Board has appointed an LSC steering committee to start drawing up a plan. The steering committee consists of Mirjam Bult (Executive Board), Maarten van Steen (CTIT, Centre for Telematics and Information Technology) and Eline van Hove (Student Union). The steering committee was tasked with the following:

To draw up a general outline of the Living Smart Campus programme (translation of Vision 2020 into campus development objectives) and formulate an action plan to organize and realize its objectives. The steering committee would like to present its findings to the Executive Board before the summer of 2016.


The steering committee manages one project group, with Pim Fij (interim director of the Facility Service Centre) at the helm and consisting of the following members: representatives of the primary process and the student body (yet to be appointed), Jan-Laurens Lasonder (LISA), Mariƫlle Winkler (eC), Bertyl Lankhaar (Directorate for Marketing & Communications/spokesperson) and Valentine Veenhof (HR management consultancy / project secretary). The president of the project group and the project secretary will also join the steering committee.

Through supervision of these projects (yet to be received and selected), the steering committee hopes to gain insights into the ways in which campus projects are set up, to identify areas for improvement, to find out more about the consequences and possible effects on matters such as organizational structure.

In addition to reviewing project execution and analysis of the pilot projects (action-based research), we will also monitor and evaluate previous campus projects such as Create Tomorrow, Outdoor Fitness, Campus app (in progress) and we will conduct desk research. The pilot projects do not have to be completed before the summer of 2016.